#2 Ohio State vs. #3 Michigan

The Michigan vs. Ohio State rivalry is back in college football.

The Michigan Wolverines traveled to the horseshoe on Saturday, to take on The Ohio State Buckeyes in a clash for the ages. Michigan lost a heart breaker to the Buckeyes in double overtime, 30-27.  The game lived up to all the hype that surrounded it coming in. This also marked the first time these two powerhouse teams ever went to overtime against each other. The game in 2006 was named the game of the century, well this one might be the game of the century 2.0.


Michigan lead 17-14 going into the fourth quarter, they had their chances to win this game; but did not capitalize when they needed to. In the fourth quarter they possessed the ball three times and had a total of five yards in those three possessions. Michigan allowed Ohio State to drive 77 yards on their final possession and kick a game tying field goal with .01 second left on the clock. Urban Meyer coached to win this game and in the second half Jim Harbaugh coached to not lose.

This leads me to talk about the officiating, because without a doubt there were some questionable calls and questionable no calls.  You hate to see the officials put the outcome of the game in their hands. If you are going to call Michigan for pass interference on third down, to keep Ohio State’s drive alive, that lead to the game tying field goal; then you can not miss the pass interference on Ohio State in the second overtime. Also, the fourth down play for Ohio State, whether or not it was a first down, how do you not at least bring the chains out to measure? It was such a crucial point and call in the game; you would believe that the officials would do everything they could, look at it from every angle on replay, to make sure they get that call right. In a game of that magnitude, there is no way that Ohio State only had two penalties for six yards and Michigan has seven for 59 yards.  


For the Big Ten and college football, it is nice to have this rivalry is back. This is the first time in 10 years that this game truly had meaning again. Could this be the start of another 10 year war between the Buckeyes and Wolverines? Between Harbaugh and Meyer? Only time will tell, but it sure feels like it.


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