Garth Brooks has come out of retirement and has been touring the world since 2014. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend one of his four shows in Cleveland Ohio, last October 10, 2015.  It was Garth’s first time back in Cleveland in 19 years.

I became a fan of Garth Brooks when my uncle Jody introduced me to his music. I remember how he talked about Garth, his music, his concert, and how even some people thought my uncle looked liked Garth. I was so jealous when he got to go see him in concert. Then, when we got together for our weekly family dinner on Sunday, that was all he could talk about. It brought such a smile to his face.


I was 11 years old when my uncle introduced me and I became I fan. I will never forget that Christmas. That Christmas morning, my parents got me my first CD player and Garth Brooks CD, In Pieces.  I played that entire CD on repeat all day. Even at such a young age I was drawn to Garth as a person and artist.


Once I was old enough and able to attend concerts, that was when Garth retired from country music to be a dad, and raise his kids.  I never had the opportunity to see him live and never thought I would.  That all changed in 2014 when he announced he was coming out of retirement and going on a World Tour. My wife got us tickets for my birthday and I cannot even tell you how big the smile on my face was. I was going to see Garth Brooks live in concert. For me this was more then just a concert, in 2013 my uncle Jody had passed away. This was a way to remember my uncle and relive some of my childhood memories.

The concert and the mystique of Garth Brooks lived up to the hype. He did not just win Entertainer of the Year because he returned to country music, he won because he was truly the greatest entertainer I have seen in my life. The passion in which he sings with on stage is contagious; and the way he engages with the audience and seems to be so genuine and humble, left me speechless.

“You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.”

Garth Brooks

I attended his forth and final show in Cleveland. The concert started at 10 pm and it did not end until 1:30 am.  He played all of his old songs and even some of his new material. There is so much from this concert that I could talk about, but I will just highlight a few things. One was Trisha Yearwood. His wife and fellow country music artist. Garth and Trisha did a few duets throughout the concert. One of those duets was even an encore act. Trisha had her own segment of the show, playing three of her own songs. Highlight number two was my favorite part of the show. Towards the end, Garth sat down on stage, and scanned the crowd for signs people had made with titles of his songs. Many of the older people or people who had been to his concert before knew this, and had signs made. He would look for signs of songs that he had not performed during the concert, and he would sing at least the chorus for that song. My favorite song, Ireland, was one of those songs. Three was the number of  encores he did to end his show. The crowd did not want to let Garth leave the stage or Cleveland, and he answered the call.

So if you want to see an amazing concert, a great entertainer, mixed with old and new songs, then you need to see Garth Brooks. I promise you will not regret it and you might even agree with me that it’s the best concert you’ve ever attended. So thank you Garth Brooks for your music, your passion, and keeping my faith in mankind. You truly are one of kind.


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