What’s your Path? What’s your Destiny?

What lies inside all of us? You always hear people talking about our course, our destiny, our path, but what is our path? Who decides our path? We decide our path! We decide what have have deep down inside us! We choose to quit or to keep going forward! So what path are you going to choose?

I want to inspire people. I got into teaching and coaching to make a difference in young peoples lives.  Just because I am no longer a teacher and a coach, doesn’t mean I have to stop making a difference. The mind is powerful tool, and our minds are the only thing we have control over. I always told my athletes, “quitting is the easiest thing you can do. Anyone can say I quit, but wining is the hardest thing you are ever going to do in life. It takes a special person to continually get knocked down and keep getting up and persevering”.

” Tough times never last. but tough people do.” -Robert H. Schuller

So what drives you? What motivates you? Once you can answer these questions, the path becomes more clear. We all have different aspects in our lives that drive us and motivate us. The drive to succeed, the drive to win, to be the best. Motivation can come from a broader spectrum; music, quotes, people, and your internal motivation.

What is tough for people to accept, is when you are a driven and motivated person, you have to have thick skin.  People aren’t always going to understand your path, your desire, your motivation, but they don’t have to.  As long as you believe in yourself and your path, you will get there; but you cannot let anyone deter you from your desired outcome. Believe in yourself and your worth!


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