Wrestling is A Way of Life; It’s in Your Blood!

The calm and peacefulness that comes over me, the sense of belonging. Knowing there is no other place I feel more at home; then  in a wrestling room. Wrestling has this way of creeping into your blood and pumping through you veins, it’s a part of you. It’s a way of life.


Wrestling found me in a time when I needed saving, from myself. I owe wrestling everything I have to offer.  I will never be able to do this sport justice for what it has done for me and my life; except try to help you understand the greatness wrestling has to offer.

There is no greater sacrifice then winning and being successful.  It comes with a price, and what price are you willing to pay? Winning is hard, maybe the hardest thing you will ever do; quitting is easy. Anyone can throw their hands up and say I’m done, I quit.  It takes guts, determination, dedication, drive, passion, to go one more step when you think you can’t, when you think you have nothing left in the tank; that’s what winning is.

Every sport is unique and has different intangibles about it, from team sports, to individual sports; but wrestling is like no other sport.  Team sports you have multiple working units trying to accomplish the same goal, and if one piece fails, it makes it harder to accomplish. Swimming is an individual sport and so is gymnastics to an extent. With both those sports you want a certain build, body type, strength to have the best chance to succeed. Wrestling has no barriers. In high school you can be as small as 106 pounds and as big as 285 pounds; in college, as small as 125 pounds and as big as 285 pounds.

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to Breath, then you’ll be SUCCESSFUL”- Eric Thomas

You get out of this sport what you put into it. There is no one else to blame, but your own work ethic.  As a coach I always told my wrestlers, ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” I could teach them everything I knew, I could make practices as hard or easy as possible; but none of that mattered unless they wanted it. It’s amazing what we can do and how far we can push ourselves, when we want it bad enough.


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