Indians In the World Series: Who Should Throw Out the First Pitch for Game 1?

Cleveland had not won a Championship in 52 years; and we have had plenty of heart break along the way.  Cleveland suffered through the drive, the fumble, the shot, and the blown save. Cleveland was a joke in the sports world and people loved to point it out.  Even calling Cleveland the mistake on the lake.

On April 7, 1989 the movie Major League was released in theaters.  The movie did poke fun at the Cleveland Indians and how bad of a baseball team they were. The owner wanted to make the team so bad and drive ticket prices down so she could move the team from Cleveland. The team was put together with some has beens, never was, and misfits. They bounded with their hatred for the owner and found a way to start winning.  A key piece to that was pitcher Ricky Vaughn played by Charlie Sheen.

October 25 the Cleveland Indians will play in their first World Series game since 1997. It is an epic time to be in Cleveland right now and to be a Cleveland fan. Our 52 year drought was ended this summer with Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Now Cleveland has the block, the shot, and the championship.

The buzz around Cleveland, other than the obvious of the Cavs raising of their championship banner and Game 1 of the World Series being on Tuesday October 25; is who should throw out the first pitch?  Social media has been a buzz asking for Charlie Sheen, aka Ricky Vaughn.

“Forget about the curve ball Ricky, give him the heater.” – Lou Brown


Picture this Cleveland fans.  How epic would it be, to see Ricky Vaughn, walk out of the bull pen, wild thing blaring over the loud speakers, as he makes his way to the mound?  I can not imagine a more perfect way to start the 2016 World Series for the Cleveland Indians. I have a feeling Progressive Field would be shaking.


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