Wrestling dying for boys and growing for girls, but why?


Wrestling is the worlds oldest sport. It originated in ancient Greece where it was used to train soldiers.  Cave drawings can be traced back to 3000 BC. Not only is it the worlds oldest sport, it is the worlds most natural sport.  You may ask yourself what do I mean by that.  If you put two boys in the same room together, what is it that they will eventually end up doing? That’s right, wrestle!

So why is it that wrestling is not a very popular sport? Is it to confusing? Is it to brutal? I am not one that can answer that, because wrestling is in my blood. There is very little question though, that wrestling seems to be a dying sport.  That came to a full blown conclusion is 2014 when the IOC voted to kick wrestling out of the Olympics for 2016.

09colncaa_steveluke_8x10-240x300Wrestling was given a chance to get back in the good graces of the IOC and was given a chance to get back into the 2016 Olympics. The wrestling community came together as a whole.  It brought together rival countries to fight the same fight. Wrestling succeeded, and was reinstated in the 2016 Olympics.

So what seems to be the problem, starting at the high school level, at least among boys. In the last 7 years, wrestling among boys in the United States has decreased by 22, 237.  The girls have had the opposite effect, increasing by 7, 362.

I do not know the reason, but the sport needs to be saved. There is no other sport like it.  Two opponents, roughly the same age, and the same weight wrestling for the victory.  There is no one to blame, no one you can yell at for missing a block, or not passing you the ball; but there is also no one to congratulate but yourself. Yes, a coach and teammates have a hand in your success, but ultimately you are the one that has put in the time and made the sacrifices. Once you get your hand raised in victory, there is no other feeling like it, and you will do anything to have that feeling again!


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